After surgery…my new normal…and time to recover fully. (Nov. 17, 2017)

Me and my Dad. This was taken eight years ago. He was moving slow then but he still had his wits about him. This man always had faith in me and what I could accomplish. Although our father-daughter relationship was bumpy, his expectations of what I could achieve was never less than my brothers and for that, I will always be grateful. (Nov. 27, 2010)

This is a knee scooter and I like it.(Nov. 18, 2017)

Working with a physical therapist to find the right mode of transportation for me to get around. This is a walker and I’m not sure about all the hopping that needs to be done to get around. (Nov. 18, 2017)

Carol passing out her Courthouse Step/log cabin blocks for our block exchange at Annette’s house in Arlington, Texas. (Dec. 2, 2017)

Karen Hodges and Jean Johnson intently checking out the exchange process at Annette’s house in Arlington, Texas. Karen and her hubby, who moved away from Texas a few years back, are now moving back to Texas and building a home. And, Jean, my wonderful friend and trusty chauffeur is the person who collected me from my place and brought me to Annette’s. I can’t thank Jean enough for being so sweet, kind and the epitome of a friend. (Dec. 2, 2017)

Me, sitting by my show and tell, my Scrappy Thief top. We did this block exchange in July at our annual quilting retreat. I just love this quilt. (Dec. 2, 2017)

Me doing the selfie honors outside of Syd and Chrissy’s house in Arlington/Kennedale. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Syd’s house and I’m about to get into Hannah’s car so she can bring me back home. This was a rough trip for me. It was good to hang out with family but my leg was not ready to dangle and I just could not get comfortable. I’m glad I went but I was just so glad to get back home. (Nov. 23, 2017)

The surgery took two and a half hours…even though Dr. Curry estimated about 90 minutes. And, instead of going home after the surgery, I ended up spending the night at the clinic. And, good thing. I was in no shape to think clearly much less anything else. (Nov. 17, 2017)

This is my gorgeous youngest grandson, Christian with his well deserved championship medal around his neck. I love watching him play any sport he decides to sink his teeth into. He may be 12-years-old but he has an incredible competitive spirit and an incredible athleticism. So glad I was able to spend the day with my Mom, son, daughter-in-law and grandsons. (Feb. 10, 2018)