A glimpse of Hamburg, Germany’s, Old Town center during this overcast, chilly and dreary day. We don’t meet our Rick Steves guide and tour group for our “Best of Germany in 13 days” tour until tomorrow at 5:00 pm. Depending on the weather, we may either take it easy before then or get out and explore a little on our own. May 18, 2018

Another another Hamburg, Germany, glimpse from the other side of the above canal. May 18, 2018

The Rick Steves “Best of Germany” in 13 days tour map. Next stop, one night in Munden in the Lower Saxony area. May 18, 2018

Just thought these two were great. She’s flowing carrying two baskets of fish and he’s straining trying to carry his one box. This is Hamburg’s fish market (Fischmarkt) at Hamburg’s harbor where our Rick Steves tour group gathered for dinner. May 19, 2018

Part of our Rick Steves tour group gathered outside the restaurant at Hamburg’s harbour and fish market. May 19, 2018

A group walk over the bridge at Hamburg’s harbour and fish market to catch a ferry back to the hotel after our first group dinner together. May 19, 2018

A night view of Hamburg’s harbour and Fish Market Hall that glows several different colors. May 19, 2018

Hamburg is a major cruise destination and one of Europe’s largest ports of call for cruise passengers. This MSC Meraviglia cruise ship can hold up to 4500 passengers. May 20, 2018

The Elbphilharmonie with its glass and wavy roof structure, is a gorgeous site during our Hamburg canal and harbor boat tour. The concert hall is located in Hamburg’s HafenCity quarter. The new glassy construction resembles a hoisted sail, water wave or quartz crystal; it sits on top of an old warehouse building. May 20, 2018

St. Michael’s Church 433 feet high Baroque spire covered with copper is a prominent feature of Hamburg’s skyline and has always been a landfall mark for ships sailing up the river Elbe. Dedicated to the Archangel Michael, a large bronze statue, standing above the portal of the church shows the archangel conquering the devil. May 20, 2018

This large bronze statue, above the portal of St. Michael’s Church in Hamburg, is the Archangel Michael conquering the devil. May 20, 2018

Inside St. Michael’s Church in Hamburg where a service is being held. May 20, 2018

We began our walking tour with local guide, Jenny, and our group guide, Carlos, at 8:15 this morning and a beautiful morning it was. This gorgeous structure is Hamburg’s Town Hall and it was constructed from 1886 to 1897. It still the home of its government including the office of the First Mayor of Hamburg. After the old city hall was destroyed in the great fire of 1842, it took almost 44 years to build a new one. Most of the city of Hamburg was destroyed during the last week of July 1943, Operation Gomorrah, during World War II, which killed more than 40,000 citizens. But the Town Hall survived. May 20, 2018

Along our walk toward the remains of the Church of St. Nicholas is this statue of Saint Ansgar on Trostbrucke bridge in Hamburg. In 831 AD Hamburg was elevated as a mission to bring Christianity to Northern Europe and in 834 AD, the Benedictine monk Ansgar was elected as the first archbishop. May 20, 2018

The remains of the Church of St. Nicholas in Hamburg is the result of the bombing of Hamburg in World War II. More than 40,000 people were killed during the last week of July 1943 in what was called Operation Gomorrah which virtually destroyed most of the city. The removal of the church’s walls and rubble took place in 1951 and restoration work to the tower in the 1990s and 2012. This great tower was left standing, in all of its 450 feet, as a visual reminder of the destruction of war. May 20, 2018

What remains of the Church of St. Nicholas walls in Hamburg. May 20, 2018