Road trip: North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia

What does a homebody and a traveler have in common? Me and my next adventure. This perpetual travel planner has her suitcase packed and her itinerary at the ready cause it’s time to hit the road for my next adventure, a U.S. road trip. As much as I love the comforts of being at home, preferably in my pajamas, I still battle with wanderlust and that craving to get out and explore. This adventure is a home based, all-American and southern road trip through North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia that culminates with family time in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

This 28-day autumn-inspired trek of African American and Civil War history along with good eats and various other discoveries along the way begins tomorrow morning when I touchdown in Raleigh, North Carolina. I will join forces with my travel buddy Debra, pick up our economy car and take to the road. Get ready to drive and explore the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida…so stay tuned.