Why is packing such a chore?

Because it requires constant editing.

I don’t wait until the last minute to pack. Along with planning my trip, I consider what I’m going to bring with me to be an important part of my travel expedition. I’m all for packing light and putting my wheeled luggage into that overhead bin so I’m not paying to have my luggage transported.

Trying to bring those correct pieces of clothing for those right pieces of time I’ll be needing them is rather daunting when I’m traveling to a number of countries experiencing varying degrees of weather. But, something I’ve figured out is that no matter what, a few good pairs of long jeans, lucy pants, some leggings, good shoes and a sweater/cardigan/rain jacket to cover up in pretty much covers the scope of my travel wardrobe. Okay, I’ve dumbed it down a bit because picking the actual pieces of clothing is what requires the constant editing.

The promise to myself is that whatever I bring, I will be comfortable in it because in my world, comfort supersedes fashion sense. Yes, I’d like to look good in whatever I’m wearing but if I’m not comfortable in it, then it stays home. And, knowing me, I’ll be adding and editing until the day before I leave…because perfection takes time.