Hanging out with family in Florida

Before heading off for two months in Europe, I needed to spend time with my Dad and brothers in Florida. It was also an opportunity to visit and stay a little while with my childhood friend Jeanette Johnson Gray and go down memory lane with my brothers. I graduated from Merritt Island High School and lived in Cocoa, Florida with my family as a teenager. It was great to see our old stomping grounds as kids and as teenagers but it also made me realize that even though there are things I remember, there’s also so much that I’ve completely forgotten.

These are my brothers, David and Hermes and we’re visiting our 83-year-old Dad, the senior Hermes in Cocoa, Florida.





Me leaning up against a mural in Cocoa Village. I don’t ever remember hanging out much in Cocoa Village as a teenager but today it’s a tourist attraction. My brothers remember coming to the theater in Cocoa Village as teenagers to watch movies.